Thoreau/Emerson Glogster Project Mrs. Hamilton 11B American Literature/Composition, Fall 2008

The Assignment

Now that we have read works by Thoreau and Emerson, it is time to think about the ideas of these transcendentalists in the context of our modern society and times.

Your task is to create a Glogster for any three of the following themes; you will find images and text to either support or refute Thoreau and Emerson's ideas and perspectives about EACH of the following themes in their works:

  • materialism/greed/material possessions
  • nature
  • work and labor
  • individualism/self-reliance/being your own person
  • government
  • solitude
  • time
  • each living thing fulfilling its purpose
  • knowledge/experience
  • dreams/goals

We will review procedures together for creating a Glogster account; go to to register and create your glogs. When you complete a glog, email the glog to me at . I will embed these into our wiki for you to review and critique.

Procedures for Creating a Quality Glog

1. For each theme, you will create a Glog. This means you will submit 10 individual glogs.
2. Include a text box at the top of the page that identifies the theme of the glog (see list above).
3. Create a collage of images that support or refute the theme----you should have least 5-6 images per glog.
4. At the bottom of your glog, include a textbook that includes a quote from one of the Thoreau/Emerson works we have read (something you have copied word for word from the text) that best expresses the theme/topic. Include the title of the work of the quote. You may have more than one quote text box.
5. Repeat for each theme.
6. Due Thursday, October 17, 2008, 9:45 PM.

We will work on our glogs Tuesday and Wednesday, October 15 and 16. You may work on your project after you complete your unit test if needed on Thursday. Each glog counts as a project grade. I will be evaluating the glogs for effort, creativity, and adherence to the guidelines.

Here is our rubric: transcendentalism glogster.pdf